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We at Birla School, strive to provide our students the best opportunities for enhancing their inherent and acquired potentials, instilling in them a belief in life-long learning and thereby motivating them to be responsible citizens and productive participants in the growth of family, society and country. We are also committed to continually improve our educational system to meet all future advancements.
Education from infancy to adolescence is today considered significant in shaping one's character and personality. Realizing the predominant role of educational institutions in restructuring the society so as to compete with ever changing challenges ahead, a healthy competition has already taken its roots throughout the country to cater to value based education... to value based education...
Class Presentation for Primary Classes
By Parens for parents - 2014
New Medical Initiatives at Birla School, Kalyan
Open day Schedule for classes III to VIII & XI
Open day Schedule for classes Nursery to STD II
"Remember, doing just your duty is not enough. It should be accompanied by a mind with no selfishness. The periphery which restrics Karma is clearly defined. Action which is performed according to these rules can be considered as yanja The rest is wrong action. "
G. D. Birla (Krishna Vande Jagad Gurum)
Newsletter for August 2014
Newsletter of July 2014
Birla School in the top 10 schools of citys North

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Birla School in the list of Top Ten schools in Mumbai's North
Teachers Students
Bhavesh Jethani(VIII B)
Sushrut Sakharkar(VIII A)
Aaditya Garje(I C)
Aashish Nandwani(JR KG A)
Ansh Wadhwani(VII A)
Don't sit and wait - look for the next opportunity
Birla College Road,
Kalyan - 421304,
Maharashtra, India.
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